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4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs an Email Newsletter

While most of us still trek to our mailboxes each day for important letters and notices, email has quickly become the preferred means of reaching millions of people. With the help of the Internet’s vast reach, a business can relay its message to as many people as they want or need to with minimal labor and expense involved. Saying “no thanks” to email marketing is like leaving money on the table.

Email newsletters, when implemented properly, can have a tremendous effect on lead generation and the conversion of leads into sales. Read on to understand how this is the case.

Email Marketing Costs Less

Printed materials are great for delivering a message to the mailboxes of a customer base, but the costs add up. The production, packaging, and shipment of print ads aren’t exactly free, especially not if your large business is trying to reach hundreds or thousands. An email newsletter, instead of a printed newsletter, is shipped directly to your contacts’ email inboxes! There’s no shipping cost, nor is there a cost to print the ad.

Newsletters Connect People to Your Business

If someone is interested in the services or goods you’re providing, they’ll want to receive some commercial email from you. Newsletters help businesses to convey a great deal of information in a professional but brief fashion, which helps a customer to feel more informed and confident. The best business newsletters share content that resonates with their customer base, not just information about sales and promotional events.

Newsletters can be Easily Customized

From your latest promotion to customer testimonials, you can put whatever you want in your company’s monthly, quarterly or annual newsletter. There’s no need to send out numerous digital fliers and adverts when you can fit all of the data you need to share with your customers within a single template. The best thing is that your content can be organized and presented in a way that is professional, visually appealing and easily understood by your audience.

No matter your message or aesthetic approach taken to your business’ branding, professional newsletters can convey everything that you need them to.

Increase Your Website or Social Media Traffic

A lead’s email inbox is one of the best ways to start a business relationship with them. It allows them to feel engaged right from the beginning, and they’ll care about what you sell. Email newsletters that provide links to social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter see additional traffic driven to their pages. The same is true of newsletters that link to their website’s landing page. Initiating a buyer-seller relationship via inbox piques their interest, and the content of your newsletter maintains it.

An email newsletter is a tremendous asset to have in your online marketing scheme. This highly
personable, informative and entertaining way of reaching out to past, present and future customers drives sales and boosts a business’ reputation in the community without a lot of cost. In the Internet-driven 21st century, you need to get your marketing online if you want to get ahead. A slick and professional business newsletter will help you do just that.

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